LI Yang 李 扬

Chinese photographer. Born in “404” city in 1984 and had lived there for 19 years. Now based in Beijing, China. Li Yang has always been concerned about the theme of “archaeological site of modern world," he tries to record the forgotten existence from a neutral perspective. In particular, many of his works have unique backgrounds, such as his most famous series "404 NOT FOUND," which were taken for a mystery city in China called 404.

Although his works often present a little-known scene, they have caused people’s deep resonance. Like this time-forgotten western trail, it represents a special and irreplaceable period in China, but at the same time, evokes memories that are vanishing in everyone's heart.

Selected Exhibition

2016.06, "Spent City", 2016 The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Graduation Exhibition for Undergraduates, Beijing, China;
2016.09, "Convergences - Images in Dialogue", The 17th China Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China;
2017.05 - 2017.10, "404 NOT FOUND", Exhibition of Juan I-Jong Humanity Award of Photography, Changsha (2017.05), Beijing (2017.07), Nanjing (2017.10), China;
2017.08, "Representing the Non-representable-404 NOT FOUND", The 7th Dali International Photography Exhibition, Dali, China;
2017.10, "404 NOT FOUND", ASIA NOW 2017, Paris Asian Art Fair, Paris, France;
2018.04, "404 NOT FOUND", The International Museum of The Central Academy of Drama, Beijing, China;
2018.07, "Another Relationship of Photography", 2018 DAMYANG International Photography Exchange Exhibition, Damyang, Korea;
2018.10, "WESTERN HORIZON", Solo Show, ASIA NOW 2018, Paris, France;
2018.11, Solo Show, Fotofever 2018, Paris, France;


2016, 404 NOT FOUND, The 1st Juan I-Jong Humanity Award of Photography, Award for Nomination;
2017, Representing the Non-representable-404 NOT FOUND, The 7th Dali International Photography Exhibition, Redpoll Trophy Photography Awards-Nomination of Best Photography Award;