Asia Now 2019 - CHEN XI / LIU CONG
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24P studio presents a dialogue between two artists. 

Chen Xi, born during the late sixties, exudes a fresh appeal different from the more subtle work by other female Chinese artists of her generation. By pursuing a clear artistic path and daring to express her opinions, she highlights the evolution of her era. 

Conversely, Liu Cong, born after the eighties, takes a contrary stance. His work is calm and sober and comes from the heart, with a kind of spontaneous sensitivity and self-intuition. He is gifted in using metaphors, which serve to amplify the irrationalities inherent in his work. 

The teacher and the student, who have a shared past at the Academy of Fine Arts of China, now climb onto the same stage; Chen Xi performs a catchy and powerful recitativo, while Liu Cong sings an aria among subtle silence. The differences are multiple between these two artists, but they nevertheless create an unexpected harmony. In the space the works provoke a dialogue between the two artists and the surrounding atmosphere; this demonstrates the vitality of paintings shown at the right moment.

Asia Now 2019 陈曦 刘聪 双人展

第五届ASIA NOW将于2019年10月15日开幕,借此二十四画(24P Studio)将呈现陈曦、刘聪双人展,为观者带来一场作品与作品的协奏。





VIP/Press Opening Reception

October 15th, 2019

Opening Hours

October 16th - 20th, 2019

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